Two New Brushes

I have been eyeing the new Chanel brush collection ever since I watched one of MissHanaG's hauls. 

Chanel revamped their brush line a few months ago and I am loving the streamlined collection.  I think Hakuhodo got the contract to make these brushes, but I'm not sure. At any rate, the new brushes have a slightly different look to them and they've all been renumbered. 

I'm only really interested in the face brushes, so I picked up the No.1 Powder brush and the No.4 Blush brush.

No.1 Powder Brush

Right out of the box, the brush hairs were quite condensed and tapered. Once it's washed, the hairs relax and the brush takes more of a dome/round shape. The brush hairs are densely packed, which makes it great for applying powder and for buffing.

The hairs are quite soft. I've only had it for a couple weeks but I've been really enjoying it.

Also, I have washed it twice already and there has been minimal shedding. Practically zero shedding, actually. Only two hairs fell out when I first washed it and nothing the second time around.

At $70, this brush is definitely a splurge, but one that I think any brush enthusiast will find worth while.

No.4 Blush Brush

I love blush and I'm always looking for new brushes to apply it. I like the size and shape of the new blush brush. It is flatter and smaller than it's predecessor. The hairs are so soft and I love how it feels against my skin.

There was minimal shedding with this brush, too.

Also, I love how this brush feels in my hand. It is a "short handle" brush, which is great for every day use and for travel.

A Comparison...

Both brushes were made in China. Actually, all of the brushes in the collection are made in China, except for the eyeshadow brush and the large tapered blending brush, which are made in France.

I'm only telling you this because, after trying and comparing the different makes, there isn't a noticeable difference. You're still getting the same quality.

Like I said, the Powder brush (excluding tax) is $70 CDN and $65 USD. The Blush brush (excluding tax) is $52 CDN and $54 USD. Strange how the pricing works.


(Below): This is what the #1 Powder brush looks like right out of the box. It is more tapered but once washed, it fluffs out.


  1. I never consider Chanel brushes before but these are really tempting! I like to collect brushes haha..I hoard them like crazy lady.

  2. They look amazing! I'm sure they are worth the price and will last for very long amount of time. x

  3. Beautiful brushes! Love your honest review on them though :) and love that you pointed out the short handle I bought the sparesource stippling brush the other day and the handle is so long I am constantly hitting the mirror with's embarassing lol.
    Love xo

  4. ooooo luxury !!! :D
    really liked your review too (as usual)

  5. @Ricquetta Francis I hear you! I love brushes haha xx

    @Angelica Definitely! I plan on keeping them for a long time xx

    @FashionFreak/Mihaela It is so lovely! I want to apply blush all day long just to use it lol xx

    @ProvincialBudgetBeauty I love the short handle!! I do the same thing (i.e. hit the mirror with the end of the brush handle), so annoying/embarrassing sometimes haha xx

    @Sharon Thank you! xx