Some Products I Don't Like...

I always rave about products I'm loving but rarely talk about products that I dislike.

So, here's a hodgepodge of products that are in my current collection that I wouldn't purchase again. Keep in mind that I may not like these products but they may work differently on different skin tones, skin types, or just different people in general.

1. Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer

* I only used this as an under eye concealer (that's the only reason I use concealer really)
* It creased -- even when I used only a little bit of product and set it with a powder
* It felt/looked a little greasy under the eye
* It's pretty pricey at $42 for 15ml (0.5 fl. oz)

2. Vasanti #7 Blush Brush

* I like the shape of the brush -- it's small and flat
* The brush sheds quite a bit though
* I also find the hairs to be a little scratchy on my face

3. SpaResource Eye Contour Brush

* The hairs are soft but structured
* The reason I don't like this brush is because I don't have any use for it. I don't wear too much eye makeup and the shape of this brush is unusable to me
* However, I occasionally use it to buff out concealer, which seems to work nicely

4. Maybelline Fit Me Blushes

I purchased three of the colours (L-R: Deep Rose, Medium Coral, Medium Pink) and depotted them because I found the packaging to be too bulky

These blushes were awful:
* Hardly any pigmentation to them (the most pigmented being medium coral)
* My blush brush would barely pick up any colour (even with the MAC 109 that can seriously pack on the colour).
* I found them to be chalky
* The color payoff in the swatches below is after 10 seconds of rubbing the product -- no noticeable pigment was picked up by a MAC 109.

Left to right: Deep Rose, Medium Coral, Medium Pink

5. Philosophy Hope in a Jar

* I didn't feel that it moisturized my skin enough
* The dry areas on my face still felt dehydrated after immediate use
* It does have a funny smell but it didn't bother me that much

6. Philosophy Microdelivery Mini Peel

* Did not exfoliate my skin
* I found the pads to be overly saturated with liquid
* The pads left a sticky residue on my skin

7. Seche Natural Matte Finish Base Coat + OPI Ridge Filler

* I didn't like the formula on both of these base coats
* They look kind of unnatural on the nail

8. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

* There was a lot of hype about this product but it didn't work for me
* It didn't dry out my breakouts
* I much prefer the drying cream from their Acne liner

9. PUR Minerals Pür Radiance

* Too pink for a highlight
* Has a lot of chunky glitter
* Feels a little chalky

What I'm Wearing:
Top: The Gap
Face: Avon Tinted Moisturizer + Chanel Bronze Universal
Cheeks: Benefit Hoola + NARS Orgasm + theBALM Mary Loumanzer
Lips: Chanel Glossimer #159 Pétillant


  1. Wow those Maybelline blushes look like they SUCK hahah
    Wish I weren't at work so I could watch the video :(

    ps. i'm all confused. I'm signed into too many google accounts right now haha don't even know which i'm commenting from

  2. As a new follower, I feel like I joined at just the right time! I love posts that explain things that are misses. Often times bloggers only focus on things that they love. I was interested in the drying lotion. I also find hope in a jar to be not too deeply moisturizing, but for my skin that works perfectly!

  3. Those Maybelline blushes are so pale! Can't believe there is no pigment to them. Thanks for sharing products you didn't really like, reading this post is very helpful!

  4. Nice info on these products, thanks.

  5. Thanks for the helpful post, I love these ones. Those blushes look dreadful. :|

    Chic and Unique

  6. i love this i don't like post, i love the idea, should see more of these around :)
    by the way loved your makeup brush storage idea. sooooo cute and so hygienic!

    you are my favourite beauty/makeup blogger yet! :) i just started wandering into this kind of beauty blogosphere last month and check yours daily!

    -Sharon :)
    p.s. same anonymousy as the person who inquired about the $22 bioderma cleansers :) SDM is a ripoff! at $29 on sale for 250ml but found it at murale for the $22 you mentioned :)

  7. You should definitely look into the Kate Sommerville Eradikate which is the exact same concept of Mario's one but better. So, so, so much more better!

    Great post! I always appreciate hearing about things people don't like rather than then raving about things they do! :D Saves me loads of molla!

  8. Omg, I really didn't like the Pur Minerals powder either! It was super chalky and made my skin look too pale...

  9. the medium coral blush can almost be a highlighter =\
    the blushes are so sheer! and sorry to hear that the
    drying lotion didn't work out for you! it's one of my
    favourite products!

  10. @Elise They do suck!! So disappointed -- $10 each, too. Should've just bought NARS.

    P.S. I hear you.. I have so many accounts in general, I have no idea what's what haha.

    @Canadian Beauty Thank you for reading my blog!! One of my friends loves the drying lotion, it clears up her breakouts so fast.. it didn't work for me though.. Goes to show how different products work on different people. xx

    @CityGirl They are!! Such a waste :(.

    @ChannelHMC Thanks for reading/commenting xx

    @Chic and Unique The blushes are awful! There is no way to make them work.

    @FashionDreal/Mihaela Yes, beware, don't buy xx

    @Sharon Thank you! That's so kind of you to say! And I'm glad you found the Bioderma… That's so strange that there's a big price difference between SDM stores. I just discovered that there's a Murale in my area.. I frequent it more than I should lol xx

    @Ricquetta Francis I haven't been able to find Kate Sommerville in my area yet.. I am dying to try a few things from the line though and I will add Eradikate to my wish list xx

    @Jayne Yeah, it was super unflattering. The lighting/mirrors in SDM must be magical because it look great in the store but when I got home, it did not look pretty haha xx

  11. @Peiji Yeah, it definitely didn't have the pigmentation that I am used to in blushes. I wanted the drying lotion to work so bad... one of my friends, like you, loves it! My skin is very strange haha xx

  12. Thank you for doing this! I had actually been wondering about nail ridge fillers in general and now I know not to purchase those two. :)

    1. My favourite base coat is the Flawless Foundation base coat from Butter London. It really does act like a foundation for your nails :) xx

  13. oooh good thing I read this! I was totally going to splurge on that concealer, there is so much hype around it!

    1. I was not a fan :( but I suggest getting a sample from Sephora, maybe you'll love it! xx