Macaron Love

I mentioned a few posts ago that I was going to hop on the macaron bandwagon. 

So yesterday, the boyfriend and I went on a little Sunday adventure to sample macarons from different bakeries as per Blog TO's best Macaron list.

The first place we visited was Lemon Tree at the St. Lawrence Market. Unfortunately, we forgot that it was closed on Sundays so our first attempt was a fail.

Petite Thuet
Next was Petite Thuet on King St. E. They had a good selection of macarons (the classic flavours Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel, etc). They cost around $2 each, I believe.

We picked up two macarons from each location in different flavours to try.

The Sweet Escape Patisserie
Sweet Escape Patisserie is in the Distillery. Quaint location but a small selection of macarons. They had fun colours though. Their flavours were pomegranate, blueberry, blackberry, and another one I can't remember. They were $1.95 each and they're gluten free!

Pusateri's (in Yorkville) wasn't on the BlogTO list but it has a wonderful selection of sweet treats. Seriously. It's heavenly -- there are so many delicious cakes and pastries! The macarons here were also the least expensive of the places we went to at $1.75 each. There were lots of different flavours, too.

MoRoCo Chocolat
MoRoCo (also in Yorkville) has a good selection too. Plus, they were displayed beautifully in sleek glass cases. They had the most expensive macarons though at over $2. They also had pre-made boxes of macarons with assorted flavours.

Macaron Haul...

Here's our loot, from left to right:
* Coffee (MoRoCo)
* Lavendar Cassis (MoRoCo)
* Red Velvet (Pusateri's)
* Pistachio (Pusateri's)
* Pomegranate (Sweet Escape)
* Blackberry (Sweet Escape)
* Caramel (Petite Thuet)
* Vanilla (Petite Thuet)

My favourites would have to be the Red Velvet, Pistachio, and Coffee. Least favourite would be the Lavendar Cassis. Overall, I think my favourite place Pusateri's. I liked the texture and the taste of them the best.

What's your favourite flavour? xx


  1. i love macarons, they're so yummy. i really like the chocolate or latte flavor :)

  2. I love macarons!! mmm I'm curious about the red velet one! I'm definitely gonna have to try it when I'm around that area! :)

  3. I was at Pusateri's last weekend and saw the macarons and got one of each to try and I was SOOO disappointed. Because it's Pusateri's I expected very high quality macarons (something similar to what you'd get in France) and they just lacked flavor and the middle was just - off/weird.

    Maybe it was just that batch . . . But if you haven't tried those I would not recommend them (may just not the ones from the one at Bayview Village.)

  4. Still feeling a little put off by Pusateri's, haven't actually felt like eating any of their food. Every time I think about it, my brain still says ick :(

  5. mm love red velvet anything!
    Love that you dedicated a day to finding the best macarons :) You did the leg work for everyone !

  6. Have you gone to Nadege? Pricey place but I like some of their macarons.

  7. I bought 8 different flavors of macarons at Aren't We Sweet a lovely chocolate store at St Lawrence Market last Saturday. Since then I considere their dark chocolate, lemon basilic and coco macarons the best macarons currently in the city for $2.00 each.