In With the New...

Friday, March 09, 2012

As you may have noticed, I updated my blog with a new layout. I'm really excited about it... it's almost like getting a new bag or a new pair of shoes that you just can't wait to show off.

Out with the old....  and in with the new!

I got my new layout from TeaCakeHouse (though I did add/change a couple things).

Let me know what you think! xx


I changed the layout around. It is a similar style as the layout from TeaCakeHouse but I reformatted the code to work with the new blogger. I found that using the classic template was really limiting. It took a little bit of work, but I'm quite happy with the new(est) layout.

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  1. comment thing, comment link or whatever is kinda small xd

  2. @Mihaela Thanks! I made it bigger :).. much easier to see/read xx

  3. The new layout looks good.. BUT I REALLY LIKE YOUR PREVIOUS LAYOUT TOO :) Could you let me know where you got it from? Thanks!

  4. @sandara Thanks! And my old layout is from I don't have the exact link, but it was one of the layouts adapted from Wordpress. I tweaked it a little (like the colours, etc) but the basecode is there :).

  5. I liked the brighter colours in your old one, but this one's okay too.

  6. @Kristy thanks for the feedback! I really liked my old layout but I just found the banner to be too high maintenance lol :). I brightened up this new header. The white was too bland xx

  7. I like the new layout, which i don't like it that the pictures are a little grey'd out almost.. until you hover over them. And the actual picture when you hover over them is so much more colourful and striking. I think it would be much better if they were always like that.

  8. @tara lingard I agree! I was meaning to change it but I forgot haha.. thanks for reminding me :)!

  9. do you think youll be able to install this theme? i just cant seem to get it!


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