This post should aptly be named Shopping List but I like the whimsical feel of the title Wishlist. These are a few products I'm lusting right now.

* NARS Gaiety - This is a new blush from their Spring Collection. I already own Desire and Mata Hari so I'm debating whether I actually need it but I definitely want it.

* Chanel Compact Mirror - I've been meaning to repurchase this ever since I misplaced mine (and few other things) in an unfortunate lost luggage incident of '06. I am drawn to this purely for the packaging, obviously.

* Prada Candy - Adore this fragrance.

* Missha BB Cream - I've tried a couple Western BB creams but I wasn't really happy with them. So I've got my eye on a few Asian BB creams.

* Chanel Blush Horizon - A limited edition blush from the Spring Collection. This blush is beautiful. Expensive but beautiful. Hopefully it's still available at my local Chanel counter. Fingers crossed.

While I'm trying not to purchase anymore nail polishes, here are some of the colours I've been eyeing. Starting at 12 o'clock...

* butterLONDON Trout Pout
* Essie A Crewed Interest
* Orly Jealous, Much?
* Essie To Buy or Not to Buy
* butterLONDON Slapper
* Orly Prelude to a Kiss
* butterLONDON - Knackered
* Essie Navigate Her

What's on your wishlist?


  1. What happened to project 10 pan?

  2. @FashionFreak/Mihaela It's a lovely colour! xx

    @Anonymous I I'm going to treat myself to something for finishing off 8 products :).

  3. The Prada Candy bottle is so cute, now I want it even more :(

  4. That's a great wishlist :) I really want the Naked2 Palette!

  5. I am always partial to the Essie polishes - but Butter London's Knackered is really nice as well! I'm on a green kick though, so my fave of the bunch would have to be Navigate Her (awesome name as well!)

  6. Check your Chanel counter now (both Holt's and The Bay)!! I was there on the weekend and picked up the Chanel Blush Horizon. I LOVE it!!! :)

    On a side note: I don't know if this will happen to you, but I picked up a couple asian BB creams and they all seemed to have a greyish tone to them and I ended up having to throw them out, which was really sad because otherwise they were really fantastic.

  7. @Chic and Unique I know! Part of the want comes from the adorable packaging :).

    @Gillian Ooh! Yeah Naked 2! Add that to my list lol.

    @CityGirl My fave is Navigate Her, too! It's such a pretty shade of green and the name is so cute!

    @Diary of a Closet Gamer I'm going tomorrow.. hopefully it's still in stock. One of my friends told me that it was sold out at a Bay store she went to.

    And I heard that Asian BB creams tend to lean on the grey tone :( I'm going to try it out.. and hopefully it doesn't oxidize grey on me. But thank you for the warning! xx

  8. I tried the Missha BB Cream and I really like it. It's lighter than wearing foundation and it actually cover surprisingly well. I got mine at a place called Beauty Credit at New Century Place (398 Ferrier St. (at Acadia Ave.), Markham). It was around $25 when I got it.

  9. @Samantha Thanks!! I'm going to check it out today!

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  11. Mmm loving Prada Candy right now! I have been looking for a good light purple for spring... Essie's To Buy or Not to Buy may be the winner!