Week in Photos

* I ate a lot of goodies this past week. Especially cupcakes (the ones from Sobeys). They're delicious. Does anyone else eat cupcakes this way (tearing off the bottom to make a cupcake sandwich)?

* I also spent the week clearing & cleaning my dressing table. I ended up tossing a few products that had expired and a few empty products.

Hope you all had a great week! And if you're lucky enough to live in a province that celebrates Family Day then yay! :)


  1. I eat cupcakes like that too!! Your not the only one! P.s. is that doughnut part of your Valentines day gift ;) I hope you save me some haha!

  2. Apparently BC might get Family Day next year :-)

  3. Probably the wrong place to ask this, but I wondering about the travelo things, and if you can only fill them from a perfume with a pump, or if I could fill it with my sample sized perfumes...