Recent Purchases

I think I am going to put myself on a spending hiatus.

After March 3rd, that is. I'm going to a makeup event at Holt's for the release of the Knightsbridge collection from Chanel. I have been eyeing the Brompton Road blush for a couple weeks now -- though I'm not sure how well it will work on my tanner complexion (also the price makes me a little squeamish).

Anyway, here are a few things I picked up from my wishlist:

* Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream No.23 (Natural Beige)

I purchased this from Beauty Credit at New Century Place in Markham (398 Ferrier St). Thank you, Sam, for recommending!

I am really enjoying this BB Cream (much more than any of the Western one's I've tried). It looks really light when I first apply it. Then after a few minutes, it just blends perfectly with my skin. It offers minimal coverage... But it's enough considering it's not a foundation.

* Chanel Blush Horizon (Limited Edition)

Adore! I am such a sucker for coral anything. To me, this blush is quite unique. On my paler (and I use the term pale loosely) days, it adds a bit of colour to my cheeks. On the other hand, when I'm a bit tanner, it's more of a pretty highlight and it adds a really nice luminosity to the cheeks.

* Bioderma Sebium H2O Cleanser

My combination/oily skin is singing praises for this cleanser. I've only been using it for the last few days but I can already see an improvement in my skin's oiliness. I.E., my skin feels normal! Not too dry and not too slick.

* Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel (Link!)

It adds such a beautiful glow to my face. The consistency is my favourite thing about this product: not quite a liquid but not a powder. It has such a velvety smooth finish.

* Chanel Miroir Double Facettes (Compact Mirror) (Link!)

It's just as beautiful as I remember, plus it's quite handy. I've already used it several times -- the downfalls of sporting a bold lip, I suppose. At least now I have a luxe compact to do it in.

Left to right: all colours swirled together, just the pink half, and just the peach half. Apologies for the rushed swatches :).

What are some of your recent buys?


  1. I want it all! Chanel products are just so gorgeous starting with the packaging. The only thing stopping me is the prices!

  2. Oooh, I really like the Chanel blush!

  3. Hi! Great blog. I've been eyeing that Chanel blush for ever. Is it really that good compared to any other Chanel/Dept Store one?

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    Best Wishes from,

  4. I love Missha M! I just finished up with my first tube and already received a second one. It's sooooo good! :)

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