February 2012 Topbox

Hooray for another box of goodies!

I've been receiving these boxes for almost a year now. You'd think the novelty would've worn off by now.. but it hasn't. At least for me. I'm still excited to check my mailbox every month.

This is the February edition of Topbox and I was quite happy with it overall. There were five products in this

* C.Booth Derma Care Collagen Elastin Restorative Hand & Nail Treatment - This hand creme is supposed to visibly diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I'm actually really excited about this product because we all treat our faces to nourishing moisturizers, why not our hands? They age just as much as the face. You know what they say, you can tell a person's age by their neck or the hands. Plus, this was a full-size product worth $16.

* LillyPilly Kakadu Plum Hand & Body Creme - I enjoyed the last LillyPilly product I received, so I imagine I will enjoy this one also. I liked that there were two packets because one would probably not be enough to form an opinion on it.

* Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat - I have had my eye on this for a while now. For the longest time, I thought this was a concealer, but it's not. It's actually a complexion highlighter. I am glad that YSL has expanded their colour range for this product. When I first heard about it, they only had four colours -- none of which worked with my skin tone.

* Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils - I haven't tried this mascara yet but I have heard many flattering things. I am always wary about paying more than $20 for a mascara when I could just go out and pick up my go-to Voluminous for under $10. Former disappointments include but are not limited to DiorShow, Lancôme Hypnose, and Benefit They're Real. Maybe it's my short, stubby lashes... I have learned that pricier isn't always better. Nonetheless, I'm happy to try this.

* Pari Beauty Eye Shadow No.72 - This was customized for me based on my style and eye colour. It's a beautiful turquoise blue that looks bright and fresh. Unfortunately, it's just not a colour that I would typically wear or be drawn to. I'm more of a neutral person. This is also a full-size produce and it is worth $11.

Overall, I was quite happy with this month's box. I always love getting mascara samples. Often at makeup counters, you can test their mascara but the brushes that you use to test them isn't the same one that comes with the mascara. Let's face it, the brush is half the find. Mascara is one of those products that either works or it doesn't -- the brush and the formula have to work seamlessly together.

This is one of the two boxes I'm subscribed to (the other one being Glossy). If you received a Glymm or a Luxe box this month, please share your post because I'd love to enviously read it :).


  1. I love your topbox! Post about how you like the YSL products after you try them - I'm curious to know!

    I won't get Topbox until June, so right now I have Glossy, Luxe and Glymm. The luxe review is already up on my blog, Glymm coming soon!

  2. You make me want to subscribe to all the boxes! :P I just got my Luxe Box on Tuesday and what came in it was quite a large perfume sample, a Joico hair mask thing that did wonders for my hair, a Laura Mercier Mascara, a Mereadesso (did I spell that right?) lotion, and one of those Mereadesso toners we got a few months ago as a bonus. I don't love this month's box but I also don't hate it. Some of my products had a lot of dust on them, which was weird, but whatever. By the way, I really love how crisp and clear all the photos you take look! It's really nice to see the products closeup and so clearly as well. :)

  3. I was subscribed to both Glymm and Loose Button, but I'm cancelling Glymm (so next month will be my last box) I don't really review my boxes (since I don't use them right away) but I do make some comments about first impression. BTW, lovely box you got :)


  4. @CityGirl I've tried both of the YSL products the other day.. I like the mascara and the Touche Eclat was ok.. it didn't match my skin perfectly but it does do a nice on of highlighting :).

    @FashionFreak/Mihaela Thanks xx

    @Ena I hear ya! I love these boxes haha. You got some nice stuff on your Luxe Box.. I kind of wish I stayed subscribed but on the other hand, I'm happy with the ones I'm currently receiving! Weird about the dust though :/.

    @eLLah Thanks!!