Top 11 of 2011 - Cheeks

Cheek products, especially blushes, are my favourite makeup products. 

Here are 11 cheek products that I have been really loving in 2011 (and that I will continue to love in the future):

* Hard Candy Skinny Dipping - lovely peachy/coral colour. It's a bronzing duo, so it offers a really nice summer glow. Great pigmentation and inexpensive.

* Benefit Sugarbomb - sheer, subtle peachy colour with lovely shimmer. It's buildable and easy to blend, aka it's fool proof.

* Revlon Berry Flirtacious - a blue-based, berry cream blush that looks great on the cheeks. It applies smoothly and lasts all day. Perfect for the summer.

* Bare Minerals Rose Radiance - sheer pink with lots of shimmer. My favourite mineral blush. Provides a beautiful glow to your cheeks.

* NARS Lustre - golden peachy bronze colour. My favourite blush for the spring/summer season. It's a lovely summer cheek glow.

* NARS Dolce Vita - a soft matte berry colour, almost a dusty rose. Like all NARS blushes, it's pigmented. You have to be careful not to apply too much. It's a very strong colour.

* NARS Sin - a berry colour with a golden shimmer. My favourite blush for the fall/winter season.

* NARS Mata Hari - beautiful matte pink color with a little bit of a red undertone. Lovely on the cheeks.

* NARS Orgasm Multiple - gorgeous peachy pink color with gold shimmer. Daresay, I much prefer the multiple over the blush. The multiple applies nicer, and the color looks better.

* Benefit Hoola - matte bronzer. Great for a nice glow and perfect for contouring. Warms up the complexion and easy to blend.

* theBALM Mary Loumanizer  - lovely golden/ivory highlighter. Provides great glow with lovely shimmer (not too sparkly). Easy to apply and has a smooth, silky finish.

Swatches below:

With flash

Without flash

Without flash

With flash

Without flash

With flash

Without flash

With flash

I would love to hear what some of your favourite cheek products were in 2011!


  1. I'm a huge fan of NARS Sin as well and My favorite "go-to" blush is Spaced Out from Mac's Neo Sci-Fi Collection. I purchased a back up because I love it so much! I might have to try out the fox in a box skinny dipping because that looks so gorgeous! :)

  2. I wanna try NARS blushes <3

    I'd love you to join my giveaway^^

  3. You pretty much summed up all of my favorites! I adore NARS luster, dolce vita, sin and the orgasm multiple. I haven't tried Mata Hari but it sounds delightful! And Agreed on the Hoola Bronzer. Although I haven't given mine much lover ever since I started using the Soleil Tan De Chanel :(



  4. @tracywubsyou They definitely need to bring that colour back! It's the perfect peach! I totally forgot about that colour. MAC comes out with so many collections since then, it's hard to keep up haha.

    @FashionFreak/Mihaela I think you would love them! xx

    @crayola actually I must pick up that Soleil Tan de Chanel. I've heard so many good things about it! I think now that I've hit pan on a few of my bronzers, I won't hesitate to purchase another one :).

  5. I love how you depotted the Hard Candy blush - I wanted to do that with mine but then I don't know where to put the blush because I don't have any Z palettes or anything like that