Top 11 Nail Polishes of 2011

My favourite lacquers of 2011. As requested, I'm doing a little top 11 series. This one was a little hard for me because you know I love my nail polishes. The ones that made the cut are as follows (I tried to pick colours that were new to me this past year):

* Nicole by OPI Rainbow in the S-Kylie (Colorful, chunky glitter... what's not to love?)
* Essie In Stitches (Warm blush/rosy pink)
* Orly Rage (Gorgeous shimmery rose gold)
* butterLONDON Primrose Hill Picnic (A hot pink)
* Revlon Starry Pink (Might be limited edition. It's a pretty lilac purple with fun glitter.)
* Essie Mamba (A flattering mannequin hand color)
* RGB Deep (Very dark purple. Reminds of me OPI Lincoln Park)
* Essie Lollipop (Classic red)
* Essie Lady Like (Dusty pink)
* Essie Brazilliant (Shimmery orange)
* butterLONDON Rosie Lee (Rose gold-ish glitter)

What were your favourite polishes in 2011?


  1. did u just get the starry pink revlon polish?is it from the same collection as whimsical?? if so, where did you find them?i've looked in my nearby rexall and shoppers and haven't seen them!
    ps: now i need rainbow in the skylie and rosie lee!!

  2. @Raquel I got the Starry Pink a few months ago.. It was the collection before whimsical. I found it at Shoppers on a display, it was the last one at the store. I don't it's available anymore :(.

  3. Pretty! I'm starting to really like the nude polish look, that might be the next thing I need to find! :)

    Also, I'm really liking this new look on your blog!

  4. @Kristy This reply is embarrassingly late... I am in LOVE with nude polish right now (more like obsessed).

    And thank you!! I am really enjoying this new layout :).