Little Musings

I have been toying with the idea of fringe recently. 

I'm looking for a noncommittal hairstyle change. I want a new look without a major cut (or colour, obviously). Bangs seem to be the answer. They add an instant chic and a little edginess. Plus, it's simple to undo if I have regrets (i.e. bobby pins and patience).

For me, the only drawback of bangs is that it's high maintenance. They require constant grooming. 

I have grown accustomed to my low maintenance hair routine, so I'm not sure how easy the transition will be. 

I think bangs suit me (see exhibit A below). This picture was taken circa 2010 --- I was still a BlackBerry user then. It's crazy to think that this was two years ago considering that I still own/wear that top, I still use that bag, I still wear that bracelet, I still have those sunglasses, and my hair now is relatively the same length. It's like nothing has changed.

Are they worth the fuss?


  1. I almost like you better without them but I think you look great either way :)

  2. @Gillian Thanks for the feedback.. I think I'm gonna do it anyway haha. We'll see how long it takes for me to regret it. xx

  3. I actually like the bangs a lot! I know bangs aren't for everyone, but they look good on you. Besides, hair grows, right?

  4. it suits you so it for the both of us!! lol

  5. You look cute with bangs! I really like them on you. I'd say worth it.

  6. I think bangs look great on you! I pin mine back most of the time because I get annoyed real fast when I have hair in my face - but I like having the versatility of being able to wear them down. :)

  7. Bangs are high maintenance, but they make you look put together all the time! :)

  8. @Helen So true. it's only hair. And I find that bangs grow out fast (at least for me).
    @Chic and Unique Thanks!! xx

    @Tam Thank you! I'm planning on getting them done today xx

    @ellesy Thank you! And hair in the face doesn't bother me in cooler climates than in warmer climates. So I think this is a perfect time to get them lol

    @Anonymous Very true! xx