January 2012 Glymm Box

My January Glymm Box has arrived (and it even came a day before it was supposed to).

There was a nice variety in this month's box (and just like in my Topbox, there was a full-size product).

In the box was a full-sized eye pencil from Cargo. I really like the colour, which is in Wood. It's a pretty light brown colour but I'm not a big fan of the application.

It's a little difficult to apply, even after warming up the pencil. It just doesn't apply as smooth as I would like it to and it tugs on the eye slightly. 

It does last a while though and it doesn't smudge.

I have never tried any products from Anastasia before so I was happy to see it in this month's box. Anastasia originated in Beverly Hills but now it's available at Sephora. I have never found the need for a brow pencil before but I certainly need a brow gel on occasion. My thick brows can often be unruly.

I like the formula of this brow gel. It tames my brows without leaving them feeling stiff. Also, the formula isn't sticky and dries quickly after application.

I've never tried the Kaia Naturals cleansing cloth before but I really like that it's biodegradable. This means it won't cause too much garbage and pollution. 

I have been purchasing this BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator from Vasanti. I've heard a lot of great things about it so I was excited to get a sample of it.

I haven't tried it yet but when I do, I will let you know my thoughts.

The last product in my Glymm box were two samples of the Burt's Bees Milke & Honey Body Lotion. Each sample doesn't offer that much product so I was glad to see that Glymm included two packets. This way you can use it multiple times.

I love products from Burt's Bees because they're all made of natural ingredients (and they smell great).

If you received a Glymm box this month, please let me know what products you received. From what I've watched/read, most of the boxes were similar though.

Hope you're having a great day!

P.S. I'm super sad there wasn't any candy in this month's box :(.


  1. I think my box got lost in the mail somehow :( It's gotten delayed twice now.


  2. My box was exactly the same, except for the pencil was in black and I only received one Burt's Bees sample.

  3. i actually got the same things except my box came with a black liner, thanks for showing us what you got :)

  4. I got the same box but with a black liner but btw, the liner is NOT full-sized. I know it says so on the card but it also says the full size is 2g and the liner I got was 1.1 g.

  5. @Gillian Aw that's too bad! Hopefully you get it soon!! Probably just a mishap at the Post Office.

    @FashionFreak/Mihaela Yup, some great products!

    @ashley Aw you only got one? :(. I've heard a lot of people got black and hardly anyone got brown. Strange.

    @Diary of a Closet Gamer Me too! I always look forward to them. Especially if they're colours I love!

    @Anonymous I thought it was just a misprint on the card.. if it's not full size that that's strange that they would make a sample so close to the original size. A waste, really.

  6. Mine was also delayed. I think
    I just got it today! Yesss!!!!

    My box

  7. Hi! I just signed up for a year's subscription for a Glymm Box, since it was the most reasonable (with the free box). I was just wondering if you have a year's subscription and if you think it's definitely worth it. Have all the products you've received go over the $10 value? I was apprehensive because I did not want to receive dinky sample sizes, but so far lots of people have received some decent/full-sizes ones that seemed worth the $10. But I really like the idea of receiving various samples because I haaate buying products that last months, because I never buy new ones until I finished what I have, or else my bathroom will look like a drugstore.

    Are you overall happy with Glymm? I hope I don't regret it :(

    I am also waiting for Topboxes to be available and hopefully by June/July when they send new subscriptions I'll be half way done my Glymm and will stick to Topbox (mostly because they waste less packaging).

  8. Totally missed out on this awesome box >< !

  9. Hey Aleeza,

    For your Glymm box did you receive any loyalty points?
    I didn't. :c

  10. Hi Aleeza,
    I'm really interested in subscribing to a "box" but I'm not sure which one to subsribe too which one do you recommend...Glymm or TopBox or GlamBox?