Week in Pictures

Happy Sunday!

Just wanted to share some pictures and some tidbits of the past few weeks. 

I have been indulging in sweet desserts and Christmas tidings lately (a little too much). I've also been indulging in new purchases, despite Project 10 Pan (which was a little fail). 

Matte red lips has been my go-to look lately.

I've overindulged myself with Starbucks drinks, too. I have earned three free drinks since getting my gold card late November. If we do the math, that's 45 drink purchases (because it's 15 drinks before a free one).

A few weeks ago, I went faux fur vest shopping and I don't think I mentioned what became of that. Well, I choose this one from the Bay. I absolutely love it! It's so comfortable and I wear it often.

Still no snow in the city, but the CN Tower's Christmas lights make me feel festive.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!


P.S., I haven't stopped listening to Michael Bublé's Christmas album since the last time I mentioned it. If you haven't heard the album yet. Take a listen to one of the songs below :).

It makes me feel warm, fuzzy, nostalgic, emotional, and happy all at once.


  1. I can't believe you're still snowless in Toronto!! I bought a Revlon lip butter too - strawberry shortcake I think was the name... Not sure how I feel about it yet though! Maybe it's the colour that I'm not too fond of yet...

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  2. we drove by the CN tower last night on your way to the Christmas market and we all got so excited about the colours lol. Love the faux fur vest you bought I kind of sort of want one too! but then again I want too many things haha. I tell myself I will do a post like this every weekend but then I forget to take photos!
    ps. Buble's album is soooo addictive.

  3. @tara lingard It is so pretty at night! The lights are lovely.

    @Raquel Cotty I know, it's crazy! There's snow north of Toronto though. It has only snowed for a couple days but not enough to actually last. Hmm, could be the colour. I have found that the longer I wear it, the more drying it is on my lips though.

    @Naghmeh Ooh, Christmas market! I love the Christmas market, so much fun! Hope you had fun too! It's hard to remember to take pictures for me too haha and I usually always forget to bring my camera around with me.