Sneak Peek at Mystery Bag #1

Hello everyone!

As promised, this is a quick little peek at what's inside Mystery Bag #1. So like I said, these mystery bags are a little gift from me to you during this holiday season.

I've packed each mystery bag with some of my favourite products of 2011, which I hope you enjoy just as much as I do.

This mystery bag has the least value (monetarily, that is) out of the three. As you will see, the value only increases from bag to bag but they're all jam packed with my favourite things.

There's still  a few days left to enter, so head over to the entry post for the rules :). (LINK!)

Hope you're all having a great day!


1 comment:

  1. least monetary value or not it's got some great items in it! you did a great job with these :)