Haul: butter LONDON, Benefit, theBalm, Bare Minerals, etc.

I really broke Project 10 Pan. I'm a little disappointed in myself because I was doing so well. It all went downhill after those Revlon Lip Butters came out.

So, I want to share with you some of the products I just couldn't resist buying.

1. butter LONDON Nail Polishes

I was browsing Glymm's Beauty Boutique last week and realized I had accumulated a few points. So I decided to spend them on some nail polishes. butter LONDON retails for $17 so I got quite a discount on them by using my points. I picked up 8 shades, including the limited edition 2011 holiday set.

  • Tart with a Heart (limited edition) is a very pretty glitter polish with a clear base. I love how the glitter changes colors depending on the light.
  • Fairy Lights (limited edition) is a pretty metalic lilac color. I love the sheen on this.
  • The Black Knight (limited edition) is a gorgeous black glitter polish. I don't own any glitter polish with a black base so I was excited to get this. If you're not a fan of black, I would still recommend this because there's lots of colourful glitter that tone down the dark base.
  • Primrose Hill Picnic is a lovely hot pink color.
  • Tea with the Queen is perfect if you're into mannequin hands. It's a beautiful nude that leaves your nails looking warm, not dead.
  • HRH is a beautiful royal purple color! I can't believe I don't have a color like this in my collection.
  • Rosie Lee is another glitter polish. It's like a rosy pink color that I'm loving. It has a clear base but because there's so much glitter, it can cover your entire nail for an opaque look.
  • Snog is similar to Primrose Hill Picnic. To be honest, I had a hard time telling them apart in the pictures (the trick is that the bottles have different coloured writing). However, in person, Snog is much more of a fuchsia color than a bright pink.

I also got a few GWP. They are three products from Princepessa: a hand creme, body lotion & body wash. They smell really lovely! 

2. butter LONDON Nail Foundation Flawless Base Coat

This base coat from butter LONDON is really great! I love how it leaves my nails looking even, and for lack of a better word, flawless. I prefer this over the OPI Ridge Filler, which works great, but the greyish color does not look natural on the nails. I got this from the Bay at the Eaton Centre and it retails for $21, so it's a little pricey for a base coat.

3. Nicole by OPI Texture Coat

I have no idea what has gotten in to me, but I have been craving to own a white shatter polish for the last few weeks now. I have this nail design idea imbedded in my head that I think would look amazing. I heard a lot of good things about the texture coat so I decided to try it out. Around $7-$8.

4. Onyx Professional  Soy Nail Polish Remover

This is my new favourite nail polish remover! It doesn't have that strong acetone smell, it doesn't leave my nails feeling dry, and it remove polish quickly (even glitter). When I use this, it leaves my nails and my cuticles feeling oily and moisturized. Love it. Retails between $2 - $3.

5. Benefit Hoola & Dallas

I bought a couple boxed powders. I already own Hoola and I've just recently hit pan on it. It's one of my favourite bronzers.

Dallas is one of the boxed powders I don't have in my collection (until now). For some reason, I always thought Dallas was a really dark bronzer but it's not. It's a rosy blush/bronzer that I have been really loving.

Also the box powders I purchased are still the old packaging (the ones where the lid comes off completely). The new packaging actually contains less product than the old packaging (but you still pay the same price).

Let me break it down for you...

Benefit Hoola = $36
Old Packaging = 11g of product
New Packaging = 8g of product

Benefit Dallas = $36
Old Packaging = 12g of product
New Packaging = 8g of product

So if you can find the old packing, I'd recommend getting it instead. The added mirror in the new packaging just isn't worth 3+ grams less of product.

6. theBalm Mary Loumanizer

I've been on the hunt for a new highlighter and came across this one from theBalm. First, the packing and the name are so cute! The color is even better. It's a shimmery, golden ivory color. Amazing as a highlighter. This isn't the highlighter for you if you're looking for a natural glow because it gives your skin a shimmer. I still love it though. Plus, it's very pigmented. Purchased from Rexall Plus and it retails for $31.

7. Vasanti Cosmetics Brazilian Bronzer

Loving this bronzer. It is much warmer than Benefit Hoola and it has a velvety finish on the skin. It goes on very smooth and adds a very warm glow to your skin. Not a fan of the scent though. I'm not sure if it's just mine, or if it is the cardboard packaging, but it's not very appealing. I found this at Rexall Plus and it retails for $25.

Left to Right: Benefit Dallas, Benefit Hoola, Vasanti Brazilian Bronzer

8. Bare Minerals Rose Radiance

One of my favourite blushes. This is the third time I've repurchased this, which is saying a lot because this lasts for a long time.

It gives my cheeks the perfect rosy tint, as if I've just come inside from the cold. I love it. Purchased from Shoppers Drugmart and it retails for $24.

9. Warm Vanilla Sugar Fragrance

I love Bath & Body Works. I can never leave there without getting something. My last trip was no exception. This is one of my favourite scents from B&BW. It makes me feel warm & cozy inside. I love the mixture of vanilla and sugary sweetness. Love.

10. The Body Shop

I bought a few things from the Body Shop, some things for me and some as gifts. I got this Vitamin C Facial Radiance Programme set. I really only wanted the Vitamin C Skin Boost serum since I'm running low; however, the store I went to was sold out and this was the only other alternative.

I've been using all three products for a couple days now and my skin has been feeling smoother and looking more even. I think the microdermabrasion scrub might be a little too abrasive for my skin. Other than that, it's a lovely trio. It retails for $45.

I also picked up some mini body butters and lip balms as stocking stuffers. Shea Butter is my current favourite. The mini body butters were 2 for $10 and the lip balms were 3 for $10, I believe.

11. La Roche Posay Effaclar K

I heard a lot of good things about this, so I decided to try it out. My skin is in need of a little boost. My T-zone is getting out of control with shine and my pores are growing as I type. So hopefully this delivers. I purchased this from Shoppers Drugmart and it retails for around $26.

That's it. 

I filmed a haul video but it's taking forever to export so I decided to do a blog post first. The video should be up soon though.

Have you purchased anything recently that has excited you? Let me know!



  1. Oh No Aleeza!! Your Project 10 Pan!!! At least we got a good haul post out of it! : ) And you got a bunch of interesting things. I am really interested in your nail polish remover!

  2. I'm dying in anticipation to see what those nail polishes look like on! And also how did you use your points? When I wanted to redeem my points on Glymm, I'm only allowed to redeem 100 at a time.

    And where did you get that nail polish remover! I need to get me one of those lol.

  3. @Angela Yes, I hit a little bit of a snag with P10P but I turned it into a good read lol :). The nail polish remover is great! Got it from Wal-mart! :)

  4. @vvyn all you have to do is change the amount in the cart! Like where it says 100, replace it with whatever amount of points you'd like to use. You can only use enough points to cover the subtotal (excluding the taxes).

    E.g., if your purchase comes to $22 + tax, you can redeem 200 points. So your total will be $2 + tax.

    It's a really great rebate system they have! :)

    Let me know what you pick up!

  5. @Aleeza A. omgosh! I wish I knew that on Sunday when it was free shipping! Thanks so much for the tip =)

  6. I broke P10P with the Lise Watier warehouse sale on the weekend and Shoppers Drug Mart Bonus time today...looks like you got a great variety of things to play with though! Like, Angela, that nail polish remover looks cool. I wonder if I can find it in Vancouver...

  7. Great haul! I always love reading your blogs and watching your videos. :0)

    I had a question for you about a new subscription service - for nail polish! It's called Julep Maven... Another beauty blog I follow just posted about it and I thought it looked really cool, so I took the quiz and signed up for 3 months. Thoughts? Have you heard anything about it?

    Here is the link to her post, if you want to check it out:


    She has a promo code for $10 off too, if you are going to try it! ♥

  8. oh my gosh aleeza!!! haha, great haul though. i especially love the butter london nail polishes. i'm excited to see "tea with the queen" on!

  9. @Katie Gillespie

    Also, their daily deals are SO amazing right now! You can buy a mystery box, worth $60-$200 for only $19.99!! And other awesome deals... I have bought a bunch of them and am waiting for them all to arrive!! :0)

    (And for the record, I am not at all associated with Julep - just excited to try out all their products from the great things I've heard and the sweet deals they have on right now!)

  10. @Katie
    I've heard good things about Julep.. and I have been contemplating on trying the membership but never fully got around to it. I also find the site weird.. I'll sign in and it will sign me out, and it keeps saying I don't have an account when I've made my account a couple times

  11. @Katie Gillespie I have heard of it! I heard good things about it! I'm still undecided whether I want to try it out though.. I will definitely have to check it out. This mystery box intrigues me! Thanks! :)

  12. @Jayne Aw! Lise Watier warehouse sale? Exciting! And the nail polish remover is great! I actually prefer it over the Quo Soy nail polish remover from Shoppers.