December TopBox.Ca Haul

I got my December Topbox.Ca beauty box on Friday! It is the first of three boxes to arrive. I'm still waiting on my Luxe box and Glymm box but they should arrive sometime this week.

The card that came with it was different. I thought the front just had a fun purple design but now that I'm looking at it, it's actually in the shape of a gift box.

This month's Topbox contained the standard four products, two of them being full-size.

1. Cover FX - Skinprep FX Primer

This is apparently Cover FX's #1 selling primer and a customer favourite. I have never tried this before. I never really wear primer because I don't feel like I need it. I always thought primers were for people who wore foundation (which I don't). But this primer is supposed to help keep whatever makeup you put on your face in place.

2. Bella Pella - Marula and Neroli Glycerine Soap - Full-Size $7.95

This is one of the full-size products in this month's box and it's a Canadian product. This is a great company that makes natural and handcrafted products. They even have bath bombs and such. Definitely check out their website (link!).

This soap smells great! I can't quite put my finger on the scent but it's addicting and pleasant.

3. Cargo - Gloss with TimeStrip Technology - Full-Size $25

The second full-size product in the Topbox is a lovely lipgloss. I have not tried many products from Cargo. Like I said in my video, I've mostly tried their cheek products (like blush and bronzer).

You guys know that I am finicky about expiration dates, so my favourite feature of this lipgloss is that it has a timestrip. The timestrip basically tells you when it's time to toss this gloss out.

I like the color, it's a pretty berry color. In my video, I mentioned that it wasn't a color that I would normally gravitate toward but now that I've tried it, I actually really like it.

According to the card, which I only now read fully, this color was customized for me. This shade was picked by a Cargo makeup artist to complement my beauty profile. I love that Topbox is actually using that information.

4. Skinceuticals - Hydraying B5 Gel

In hindsight, I realized that I was saying the name of this company completely wrong in my video. I think I pronounced it "skin-sensuals", as opposed to "skin-seu-tical."

Anyway, I like the product but I don't think I would purchase the full-size. I have other products in my skincare routine that I prefer. But it is nice and it feels great on the skin. My method of application is just putting it directly on my face using my fingers. Can't be bothered with a cotton pad.

Overall, I'm pleased with my Topbox. I don't think it tops last month's though. I'm sure it will be very hard to top last month's Topbox. Ahh, Deborah Lippmann.

Also, I was expecting something more festive for December's box. It's the holidays! I don't know. I wasn't expecting Christmas miracles... just something a little more jolly.

Still enjoyed it, though.

I can't wait for my Glymm & Luxe Box to come. Especially my Luxe Box since I'm expecting a little something extra because of the expired Moroccanoil debacle.

Have you received your December Topbox? What did you think?


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