Benefit Glam Giveaways!

If you live in or around Toronto then I'm sure you heard all about the Glam Giveaways that Benefit was doing last week.

It's this brilliant guerrilla marketing campaign that they organized.

Basically, around the city of Toronto, Benefit placed posters and Christmas trees jam packed with full-sized products.

Have you ever seen candy canes on Christmas trees for the picking? Well, it was kind of like that but with makeup. It was a beauty junkies' dream Christmas tree!

If you follow Benefit Canada on Twitter, then you could receive up-to-date hints on when and where the next Christmas tree could be found.

This is probably the most fun I've had with a marketing campaign in a long time!

It's genius! The only downfall was that you had to get there fast or else you would've missed out on all the goodies

On Friday, I took some time out of studying for the sole purpose of participating in this little scavenger hunt.

I was lucky enough to find three trees (two of them by chance and one of them on purpose).

The first one that I saw was the one on Queen West & John, right in front of the CTV building/Marilyn Dennis show. I saw the tweet and I was already in the area, so I made a beeline for it.

I managed to pick up a little goody bag with a full-sized Benefit eyeshadow inside. I only took one thing and left some for the next girls.

Like What You Sea?

Then I walked to up to Yorkville to pick up some things. While I was leaving Club Monaco, I saw a guy putting together the next Christmas tree. It had tons of goodies on it! Box powders, lipsticks, little goody bags galore!

I didn't get anything from there though. I was running late for lunch with some girlfriends at Luma so I didn't have the time to wait around.

The last tree I saw was on King West & Brant. It was completely by chance. I was walking down King West to hit up a Starbucks when I saw the tree.

Actually, I didn't see the tree at first. I saw a few girls huddled around something and when I got close I saw it (but it was toppled). There were still a few things on it, so I grabbed whatever was closest. It turned out to be a lipstick!

Pillow Talk

Here's a swatch of the two items. The lipstick is this bright pink color which I have yet to try on my lips but I really like it... it's wearable. The eyeshadow is this bluish grey color. Not something that I would've picked out for myself but worth a try.

Pillow Talk & Like What You Sea?

I would have loved a box powder but I already own quite a few (only ones I'm missing are Thrrrob and Hervana -- neither of which were on the tree anyway). I'm glad that I got the products that I did.

Whenever I think of Benefit, I always equate it to box powders or mascara that I sometimes forget that they have a huge range of cosmetics! So I am happy to be able to try their lipstick & eyeshadow.

Were you able to participate in the scavenger hunt? If so, let me know what you got!