The Wonderfulness of Vaseline

Vaseline (i.e. Petroleum jelly) is a wonderful creation. It can be used for so many things. Vaseline is definitely a staple in anyone's beauty pantry!

I have especially been loving using Vaseline to remove makeup. I used to always use makeup remover (whether it was liquid or wipes) to take off makeup.

Lately though I've been noticing that my eyes have been getting really sensitive and makeup removers have been really irritating my eyes. It's not fun.

So as an alternative, I've been using Vaseline and I don't think I will ever go back to removing my makeup with anything else.

Vaseline is a really effective and inexpensive way to remove makeup. It doesn't sting your eyes or dry out your skin. Plus, using it conditions your lashes and helps them grow.

It's really easy to do. Below is a quick little video on how I use Vaseline to remove eye makeup. All you need is Vaseline and something to wipe the vaseline off with (like a baby wipe, tissue, or face cloth).

I prefer Vaseline over olive oil because it doesn't sting. I find that because of the nature of olive oil (liquid versus jelly), it can seep into your eyes and cause a little irritation.

Other uses for Vaseline:

- You can apply some on your eyelashes. This will help them grow thicker & longer (not immediately, mind you, but over time)

- Use it to moisturize your hands and feet. If you cover your hands and feet with vaseline and then cover then with cotton mittens and socks, respectively, you will have softer appendages in no time!

- Make a bath scrub! Just mix some sea salt in with the vaseline. It's a DIY Lush shower scrub!

- Use it to prevent your nail polish bottles from sealing shut. If you've ever had problems opening a nail polish bottle, next time before you seal it, rub some Vaseline on the threads of the bottle neck.

- Apply some to certain spots on your favorite heals to prevent any uncomfortableness while you're wearing them!

- Though I've never tried this before, apply a little tiny bit to the ends of your hair to prevent splitting.

What are some ways you like to use Vaseline?


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