Weekend in Pictures

Happy Sunday, everyone!

This is my weekend(ish) in pictures. I've had my Canon T3i for quite some time now and I've noticed that I've been shooting a majority of my pictures in automatic mode. Something I'm beginning to realize is blasphemous in the DSLR community. So I'm trying to rectify this.

First, I went into Indigo to read up on exposure settings, aperture, shutter speeds, and ISOs.

Second, it's kind of a b-i-t-c-h carrying around a bulky camera. Especially for us girls (or at least for me personally) because we have our purses in one hand and a latte of some sort in the other. I was glad to have my boyfriend with me to carry my bag for me (even though he says he finds it emasculating and would never admit to doing it if asked point blank by his coworkers).

Third, I don't think I properly captured the DSLR's amazing picture taking capability in these photos. I'm still learning. One day though.

At the Eaton Centre

OOTD? Skinny jeans, white shirt, 3/4 pleather sleeved blazer, animal print infinity scarf, and Louis Vuitton Neverfull PM

Williams-Somona.. On a hunt for an Espresso machine


Thinking of re-reading this. It's been years and years.

My second drink for the day: iced tall caramel soy latte

Ice Skating at Nathan Phillips Square

Poutine from one of the street vendors

Sobey's Urban Fresh

Bakery in Chinatown

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!!



  1. Hahaha i love the thing about your boyfriend, so funny :P
    And yeah, I hate carrying around my camera. The lens is like 30cm long so the bag we have for it is quite bulky. It hard to carry around that and my purse and then shopping bags, food or drinks. Feels like you might as well just have a big wagon to pull behind you. :P

  2. Great job on the photos. I have a DSLR and am always trying to figure out the best settings for photos. It really takes a lot of practice. These look nice!

  3. aw haha I feel your pain, carrying a DSLR is a pain
    especially when you're going to the mall.

    my boyfriend actually doesn't mind carrying my bag,
    but I'm the one who actually feels weird when he
    asks or wants to carry it for me. I never let him haha =p

    I need to visit the Eaton centre again soon, but it's
    always so busy there at this time of the year ><

    I didn't even know that they put up the skating rink already!

    The pasta at Sobey's looks amazing, I am starving!

  4. Wow you don't even have snow in Toronto yet? Saskatchewan has had snow for weeks and weeks and weeks!

    I bought a DSLR camera when I was in grade 12 (so about 5 years ago!) and I used it a lot when I first got it - then I stopped for awhile - and only just started using it again recently! I'm still not good with figuring out which settings are best for which situations - and my flash is incredible annoying - so it makes for some really difficult shots sometimes!

    Good photos Aleeza!

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  5. Mmmmm...POUTINE!! That's what I'm looking forward to when I visit out East for Christmas!

  6. @tara lingard Haha so true! I feel like I always have too much stuff with me (even on a good day).

  7. @AmyRoto Thank you! It really does take a lot of practice! I thought I could figure it all out from a book but practice really does make perfect.

  8. @Peiji Haha aw that's sweet of your boyfriend :). Mine never asks haha he says my bag's too heavy lol.

    We were at the Eaton Centre pretty early so it wasn't too busy but when we were leaving in the afternoon, the crowds were at its peak.

    I didn't know the rink was open either. We were just checking out the setup for the Cavalcade of Lights and saw it. I didn't think it was cold enough yet.

  9. @Raquel Cotty Yes, we've been lucky thus far. It only snowed a little bit one day and it all melted overnight.

    And thank you! Maybe because it's new, but I'm obsessed with taking pictures! I take pictures of everything and anything haha. I always forget to pop the flash when I'm taking pictures in manual mode. I always assume it will go up automatically haha and I have yet been able take a great picture with the flash.. I don't know, it never looks right :/.

  10. @Jayne Poutine's are delicious! :). There's a place in Toronto called Smoke's Poutinery (it's a franchise actually) and it's menu is different kinds of poutines! So yummy!

  11. great pics! Photography is all in the eye, not in the camera so as soon as you understand the settings, everything "clicks" and you stop worrying about the settings as much and just focus on the picture. At least that's how it was when I learned :) anyway, you did a wonderful job, I love the pics.

    I'm a caramel latte kind of girl too :)

  12. @Tiffany Thank you! And I'm beginning to realize that, which is making taking photos much more fun! :)

  13. As a Quebecer, it's nice to see that Poutine is known and appreciated outside Quebec :)

  14. @Cynthia The poutine is very well loved here... especially by me :).