Topbox Haul & Review - November -

I received my first Topbox in the mail the other day and I am still smiling about it.

If you're not familiar with what Topbox is, it is a new monthly subscription service that costs $10 a month. In every box, you receive four deluxe beauty samples delivered directly to your door with free shipping! It's similar to Loose Button & Glymm but also differs in some aspects.

The first thing that I noticed that sets Topbox apart from other services is the packaging. Instead of a box inside a box, it's a cute unbranded, cylindrical tube wrapped in kraft paper.

The box (though technically it's not really a box) is very pretty. It's a sturdy paperboard with a simple print design. Topbox specifically made their boxes so that they're easily reusable (or recyclable).

Popping off the lid, the products are neatly placed inside covered with some tissue paper (plus it smells great). There's also a little card with a note from Topbox and a list of all the products with a brief description.

This month's Topbox, included four great brands: Cake, Deborah Lippmann, Dr. Brandt, and Stila. Also, there were two full-sized products!

1. Dr. Brandt - Eye Serum

I love Dr. Brandt products though I've never tried their eye serum. It has a nice consistency and is said to prevent lines around the eyes while providing hydration.

2. Stila - Lip Glaze

Although I already own this, I was still pleased to receive it in my Topbox. I cannot get enough of Stila lip glazes. They are moisturizing on the lips and they smell incredible. The color I received was in Raspberry and it smells so sweet. It's a bright glossy fuchsia color.

3. Cake - It's a Slice Velveteen Hand Creme (full size!)

Cake products smell delicious. This handcreme is no exception. It smells like sweet orange and vanilla. I love this hand creme because it's non-greasy and it's very nourishing on the hands.

4. Deborah Lippmann - Some Enchanted Evening (full size!)

Deborah Lippmann's polishes are renowned, especially their glitter polishes. Often they're used on the runways. I am quickly becoming obsessed with glitter polishes so I was very excited to see this in my TopboxSome Enchanted Evening is a great polish; it has a clear base with two different kinds of pink glitter (large hexagon glitter and smaller, micro-glitter).

Bottom line..

Overall, I was very impressed with the quality of the products that I received in my Topbox! I'm so excited that I received two full-sized products (I mean, this box only costs $10 but the value is so much more)!  I love how there are no hidden fees: $10 a month, free shipping, great products, luxurious packaging.

With every service like this, there is a chance (especially if you're an avid makeup collector) that you will receive a product you already own. Nonetheless, it's still a great way to try new products in a convenient way.

I would highly recommend Topbox to anyone and everyone (even if you're already subscribed to another service). Also, Topbox is definitely one to consider if you weren't happy with Luxe Box or Glymm box. They have good customer service, timely shipping, great brands, and super cute packaging. Topbox is still fairly new (they just launched last month) but so far they've exceded all my expectations!

I can't wait to see what future boxes will carry!

Definitely check out their website at to get yours today! Hurry up before December boxes sell out!

On another note...

I love the idea of Topbox's reusable packaging. I used it for some brushes.

What would you do with yours?



  1. You made me discover Glymm and LuxBox, now it's TopBox :))) I subscribed few minutes ago for december ! I love this packaging concept (much better than the new LuxBox one...).
    I'm still waiting for my Glymm box and my LuxBox to arrive, what about you ?

  2. @Cynthia Agreed! Love this packaging! Super cute! And I'm also still waiting for my Glymm/Luxe box. I got a tracking number for my Glymm box but still waiting on my Luxe box. I'm excited to compare the three :). I'm sure you'll love the Topbox, too! :)

  3. I am definitely interested in the topbox!
    love the eco friendly packaging and a full
    size Lippmann polish? crazy! =p

  4. Hi Aleeza! Thanks for introducing TopBox! If you must put the three monthly services in order of preference, how would you order them??

  5. This looks so cute :) i wish they had something like this in New Zealand! xx

  6. @Peiji I know, right!? I was so shocked and happy to get it! ^^

  7. @nataliee_L Hmm.. it's tough to say but as of right now. I think I'd pick Topbox, Luxe Box, and then Glymm :). I'll be doing a more in depth post later about my experience with all three :).

  8. @Shannon Marie That's too bad that there isn't! I'm sure one will be available soon! In Canada, we were all complaining about not having one and now we have 3 to choose from :).

  9. This looks fantastic! I adore the packaging!

  10. I love Topbox! The packaging is super cute and I love the Deborah Lippmann polish :)

  11. @OPI Addict I know! The DL polish is probably my favorite product that I've ever received in one of these boxes :).

  12. I love the concept of the packaging! Using it as a brush holder is a great idea! Those items are also so exciting :D

  13. @Anita love the packaging. It's a little bit deep though so I shoved all the kraft paper and tissue paper to cushion the brushes :).

  14. I signed up for this recently because of your post! It was a little disappointing that December was sold out though, so I have to wait till January. I'm excited to get my first box, although I will be upset looking at all the December boxes knowing that I wasn't able to get one :( haha! Thanks for sharing!