Not Your Typical November Outfit

Don't let my outfit fool you... It was pretty chilly out today. I will be the first to admit that I am not a very practical dresser. If I want to wear something, I will wear it no matter what the weather conditions are. And today, I really wanted to wear this skirt.

I recently purchased it from H&M a week or so ago and I love it! I don't know whether it's because of the style (or the horse print) but I had to have it the moment I saw it.

I paired it with tights because I do have some self-preservation instincts and I knew that going outside with bare legs was not a good idea. However, I came to realize that tights & this skirt were a bad combination. The skirt kept clinging to the tights, and in turn, I had to keep readjusting the skirt to prevent a peep show.

Nonetheless, I still love this skirt.

Top: Aritzia (ages ago)
Tank: Forever21
Skirt: H&M
Belt: Came with the skirt (orange fabric)
Tights: The Bay
Shoes: Tory Burch
Bracelets: Tiffany, Pandora
Watch: Citizen



  1. I am the exact same way. I think; oooh, I really want to wear that adorable dress today :), oh it's 2degrees outside ...whatever. Then everyone hates me all day because I complain about how cold I am.
    I LOVE that skirt though! I can hardly ever find things I like in H&M

  2. @tara lingard haha yep, so true.. I proved that later in the night when I went out and complained about the chilliness! And thank you :) .. though it's quite the opposite for me, I can never leave H&M without buying at least one thing.

  3. @Aleeza I think my views on the actual clothes at H&M are a little skewed because I hate stores that always have the music far too loud. My "local" H&M's music is always ungodly loud, and it makes me want to leave the store immediately :P
    I especially hate when stores have a good volume of music, but then when you go to the changing rooms you cannot hear yourself think, let alone talk to your friend or whoever whose shopping with you.
    I love shopping so much I'm started to become a critic of each store :P

  4. Aleeza I LOVE this outfit the skirt is just so cute and I really wish you hadn't bought that top ages ago because I really want to go out and buy it lol. And I am the same way, if I really want to wear something I have to and I'll think of ways to make it Canada weather appropriate haha.

  5. @Naghmeh Thanks!! Aritzia still carries tops similar to this one if you want to go check it out. I absolutely love it haha I bought it in two colors because I loved it so much. It's actually quite long in the back but you can't tell because I tucked it into the skirt.

    Canadian weather is so unpredictable sometimes. It was so nice out today that I was able to wear this skirt again but without tights lol.


  6. @tara lingard I'd have to agree with you on that! It's definitely a turn off to me when a store's music is too loud! It's hard to concentrate sometimes. Especially in change rooms!