Nails of the Week No.1: Essie Merino Cool & Essie Angora Cardi

Ahh Sundays. There's just something about today that makes me want to sleep til noon and get nothing productive done. Unfortunately, I have way too much to do which makes this Sunday Syndrome extra difficult to overcome.

So, in lieu of showing you my outfit of the day (which consists of a black pair of Lululemon's groove pant and a white men's Hanes v-neck t-shirt), I decided to share with you the nail polishes I've been using this past week.

Essie Merino Cool is a gorgeous grey color with hints of purple. Very pretty on the nails and great for fall. It was actually released in the 2010 Fall collection. The color is described as a "sensuous Autunmal mulberry." I really love this color, I'm not sure if my camera really captures it well but it's gorgeous and very versatile. It can even look a little taupe in some angles.

Merino Cool, With Flash

Merino Cool, Natural Light

The other color I sported this week is Essie Angora Cardi. This was also featured in a Fall Collection but in 2009. It's a great fall transition color. It's described as a "dusty rose" color. While I agree with that, I would also describe it as a gorgeous plum color with brown undertones.

Angora Cardi, With Flash

Angora Cardi, Natural Light

I love Essie nail polishes. Both of these colors go on great and dry with a high gloss finish. You don't even need to use a top coat (and for Merino Cool, I didn't).

Overall: Merino Cool

Colour: ♥♥♥♥♥
Application: ♥♥♥♥
Lasting Power: ♥♥♥♥

Overall: Angora Cardi

Colour: ♥♥♥♥
Application: ♥♥♥♥
Lasting Power: ♥♥♥♥

What nail polish have you been sporting this past week?

On another note...

I've been loving green tea lately. It's just so soothing for my throat, especially with honey!

Also, I've uploaded my  October 2011 Favorites. You can watch it below.

What are some of your faves this past month?



  1. I have merino cool on my nails right now! haha =) I have to agree, Essie is my all time fav nail polish brand

  2. @Unknown It's an awesome color! I'm really glad that Essie is so readily available now! :)

  3. I noticed you get your Essie polish from the drug store, if you're in Toronto of the GTA you hsould check out Toronto Barber and Beauty Supply, they sell it for around $7 and sometimes it goes on sale too!
    Also I was wondering what tips you have for removing the blinc mascara without pulling too hard on my eyelashes! I lost three the last time I removed it =(

  4. @vvne Yeah, I usually get the basic colors from the drugstore because I'm always in there anyway haha. But thanks for the heads up! I usually go to BSO for the colours I can't find at the drugstore.. but I will definitely pop in more often to check out the deals :).