Loose Button Luxe Box Haul - November

I was so excited to check my mailbox to find my November Luxe Box on Wednesday. I've been waiting for it ever since I got my tracking number.

I loved everything in my box, except for one thing, keep reading to find out what.

The box itself was the same sleek black packaging as last month. I really like this new packing. It's chic and, for some reason, seems more mysterious and exciting to open.

Inside the box was the card with a little note and a list of all the products and the details. Along with the card, there was an exclusive offer for 20% off Teopia (which is the company that Loose Button partnered with for this months' box).

I like how Loose Button added little Luxe Tips beneath each product with a few words on how you can use the product. I don't remember if they had that feature in last month's note but I like that they added that. For those who have never used the product before, it's nice to have a mini tutorial to follow.

I also love the personalized touch Loose Button adds.

There's an assortment of products this month -- from hair products to face products to tea -- and there's also a great variety of brands.

1. PUR Minerals - Neutral Foundation Primer (Full-Size: $18, 30ml)

This is a great primer you can use to "prep" your face for foundation. I've used it a couples time already before I apply my 4-in-1 pressed powder and I cannot believe the finished look. Not only is it a good base that keeps the powder in place but it gives a smooth, airbrushed finish. It is silky smooth and makes my face feel super soft.

The only con to this is that it is a little pricey considering you only receive an ounce of product for $31. But this sample contains a third of the full-size!

2. Benefit Cosmetics - B. Right! Moisture Prep Toning Lotion (Full-Size: $29, 177.4)

This Moisture Prep Toning Lotion is made to smooth, revitalize and allow your skin to fully optimize the benefits of your moisturizer. Toner is a very necessary step because it sweeps away any excess impurities that you may have missed with your face wash. I've used this toner a few times before bed and beside the amazing smell, it feels good on the skin, absorbs quickly, and does a great job of picking up dirt that wasn't washed away.

It never dries out my sensitive skin and I have noticed this toner also helps my moisturizers absorb into my skin faster and more effectively. I certainly recommend it!

3. Lise Watier - Eye Glitter Liner (Full-Size: $18, 6ml)

This glitter eye liner is a lot of fun to play with! It's non-smudging, water-based formula lasts.  Definitely not an everyday look but if you love glitter and sparkle, this will definitely give your eyes a pop!

In my opinion, the Lise Watier glitter eye liners are much better than the ones from Urban Decay. They apply easily, they last all day, they're comfortable to wear (they don't sting or dry your skin) and they come in an assortment of colours.

4. Moroccanoil - Styling Cream (Full-Size: $32, 250ml)

I love MOROCCANOIL products. They work exceptionally well on my hair and they smell incredible. I was really excited to see another sample of their products in my box. This is the Styling Cream. It is supposed to provide a soft-hold, add definition, hydrate, leave hair smooth, and combat frizz.

I was very excited to try this out but after careful inspection of the tube, I noticed that it was expired. It is clearly embossed on the back: EXP 03 2011.

The expiration date isn't even remotely recent. It expired in March. Now, I doubt that this styling cream has become suddenly toxic but I am so finicky about expiration dates. If it's expired, I don't care whether it's just by a millisecond or a month, I will refuse to use it.

Loose Button should definitely be more aware of this. It's a reflection on the company and their quality control when customers received products that aren't fit for use.

This is the first time I've been disappointed by my Luxe Box.

If you received this in your box, be sure to check the back for the expiration date!

Bonus: Teaopia - Cactus Fig Tea Kit (Full-Size: $7, 50g)

I love drinking tea and I love Teaopia, so I was happy to see this in my box. The flavor is called Cactus Fig and it is a blend of organix sencha, grean tea, fig pieces, aloe vera, sandalwood, and orange flowers.

I tried it out this morning (using my own tea infuser) and I enjoyed it, but again, I am an avid tea drinker. If you're used to drinking one kind of tea, this will definitely be outside your comfort zone.

Overall, I enjoyed this month's box except for the expired Moroccanoil Styling Cream (which I am still discontented about).

Did anyone else receive an expired product?

Hope you're all having a great day & let me know if you received something different this month!


P.S., Watch my video unboxing below :).


  1. that really sucks about the expired product and I should probably check the dates on my products as well!
    love how you've done your photos:) going to try the tea in a bit, I already love teaopia but I've never tried this tea before!

  2. I haven't received my box yet! It should arrive on Tuesday - I'll definitely check the expiration date. I bet Moroccan Oil was doing whatever they could to get rid of their expired stock... Loose Button should definitely take a closer look at the products they are receiving. Shame on them, in this instance!

    Love your blog and your videos :) This will be my first Luxe box, and I got into it because I clicked your referral link on one of your YouTube videos!

    Field Below - A Lifestyle Blog

  3. I'm curious if you contacted them about this expired product (and if you haven't, you should!) and how they responded to you. This information is always good to add when you review a product/company, especially if they let you down. Yes, they should be paying careful attention to things such as expiry dates, but everyone is human and mistakes can happen. It is all about the recovery of the situation which speaks to the company. In that regard I would love to see an update on this.

  4. @thefashionistabubble Yeah, I was a little sad because I really wanted to try it! But let me know how you like the tea! :)

  5. @Raquel Cotty That's awesome, thanks for watching my videos :).

    Yeah, be sure to double check the products in your box! Mine may have just been a bad pick, but you never know.

    Let me know how you like your first box! :)

  6. @Amanda Yes, I did contact them and I received a generic reply saying they would get back to me within 48 hours. I will definitely let you know when I hear back from them. And I agree, it was just an innocent mistake. I'm just disappointed because it was a product I was looking forward to trying.

  7. I would love to try that Benefit Moisture Creme, I haven't received my Luxebox yet, hopefully soon. New reader!

  8. It sad that LuxeBox didn't even notice that...Hope they will do something for you and all the others gals that had the same problem.

    I received the tea kit (same flavor) and the Benefit Cosmetics Toning Lotion like you + a mini PosieTint by Benefit, a mini Neiges Perfume bottle by Lise Watier (my mom's favorite perfume !)and finally the Mèreadesso
    lips primer !

    As a little side note, if you don't mind, I liked your blog entry about Glymm and LuxeBox but, I much prefer when you do an unboxing video (like for topbox);) Just sayin' :)))

  9. That is really disappointing about the expiration date...I am still waiting for both my Glymm and Luxe Boxes and I am almost a little scared of what will be in my Luxe Box after seeing what other ppl got! I saw that some ppl got an elf eyeshadow which to me is really not that great...hopefully Loose Button makes amends for the QC issue...

  10. @Justine (Productrater) Definitely let me know what products you get in your Luxe Box! I've noticed that people have been getting a lot of different stuff!

  11. @Cynthia I received a tweet saying they were going to get me a replacement, so I'm happy :).

    Ooh, you got some good stuff! And don't worry, I have videos too :). I just have to edit them. Blogs are easier to do so I post them first :). Thanks for the comment!!

  12. @Jayne I know! A lot of people have gotten much different things! Like TheFashionBubble, she got some Paco Rabanne fragrance and a PUR minerals eyeliner!

    Definitely let me know what you get though! :)

  13. I just got my luxe box today! Here's what I got: 
    - like you, I got the same tea, Moroccan oil styling cream, and benefit toning lotion
    - prada candy lotion & olay wrinkle revolution complex

    Bad news- my styling cream is also expired and my card said I was supposed to receive a pür minerals foundation primer but it was no where to be found. 

    Overall I am pleased but also disappointed. I emailed the company about it and hopefully they fix this issue *crosses fingers* but I am super happy I didn't get the little elf quad because seriously? A $1 palette in a luxe box? Lol that's just my opinion though (:

  14. @Glenney Lynn Ooh you got some good stuff (aside from the disappointments). But I'm sure Loose Button is thinking of a way to rectify the situation! I'm sort of glad I didn't get the Elf palette.. mainly because I've tried it before and I don't really like them so it would be a waste. On the other hand, I'm also glad that they did include it because Elf products are sometimes hard to come by. You can always buy online but it takes forever to get to you.

    Do you like Prada Candy? I'm thinking of purchasing it once I'm through project 10 pan haha I'm a sucker for sweet scents.