Limited Edition Lancome Luxe Box - Part 2

Loose Button has just released another video on their Limited Edition Lancome Luxe boxes!

I spy one of my favourite serums (Genifique) and also an eyeshadow primer (Aquatique). I'm getting more and more excited for this box.

I want to thank you all so much for voting for me :). I would've been happy just to be in the top 25 but thanks to all your votes, I'm in second place! The contest isn't over yet though, so please keep voting! (Link!)

Hope you're all having a great day! I will be back later with a proper blog-vember post & also the winners of my Glymm/Luxe box giveaway :).



  1. Ah! I hope you win! I just went and voted, i hate how big of an ordeal it is to vote now, have to like log in several places and 'like' all these pages.. :P anyway, good luck!

  2. @tara lingard I know! It's such a hassle! I wish you could just enter your info once and be done with it. But thank you for voting!