Hacked :(


Yesterday my YouTube channel was hacked :(. It's quite annoying. I can't access my account and all my videos are MIA.

I've contacted YouTube to rectify the situation but I'm told it could take about a week. So as of right now, please ignore any messages or activity coming from that account.

In lieu of waiting it out and seeing what happens, I've decided to just start a whole new channel. I've never been a patient person, nor have I been one to take things lying down.

I like to think of this as a fresh start. In the next few days, I will be uploading my older videos and also all my future videos on my new channel:

Right now, I'm in the process streamlining my youtube/tumblr/blog/twitter so that all of my followers, subscribers, and readers will be least affected. 

My new blog www.stylishandliterate.com will be synced with this blog. You will just be redirected.

I've changed my tumblr account to stylishandliterate.tumblr.com (but that has also been synced with my old tumblr account).

Lastly, my twitter shall remain the same.

I just wanted to thank everyone for being so patient through this transition :).


Ps, hopefully this little hiatus from YouTube will encourage me to blog more :).

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