Glymm Box Haul - November

I received my Glymm box the same day that I got my Luxe Box so my excitement was doubled. I like Glymm's bright pink packaging. I always smile when I see the bright pink box in my mailbox.

Inside the box, the paper and products are wrapped in a cute bow. There's the usual notecard. On one side is a little note from Glymm and on the other side is a list of all the products.

I received five products this month, and two of them were full-size. Also, in the box was the familiar jar of Jelly Belly candies (the flavours this month are cherry and I think chocolate/cocoa). 

1. Orlane - Light Smoothing Cream (Full-Size: $80, 50ml)

This Orlane Light Smoothing Cream is a hypoallergenic day cream. It is said to be infused with rich vitamins and minerals to defend your skin against daily toxins. It is supposed to leave your skin smooth, soft, radiant, and well protected against irritations.

2. Rahua - Luxury Shampoo & Conditioner ($32/$34, 275ml each)

Rahua is a natural, organic hair care system which contains the precious Rahua nut oil, found deep in the Amazon rainforest. It is only sold at posh salons around the world. I am excited to try this though my hair isn't color treated. I could always use more bounce, body, and shine!

3. Lise Watier - Flash Lift Radiance Vial ($27, 7 vials, 1ml/vial)

I've already received this in a past Luxe box but I have yet to use it. I have heard some great things about it though. It is a vitalizing serum that can be applied any time of the day. It's formulated for all skin types and it's made to erase the signs of fatigue and smooth the appearance of wrinkles. I've also heard that applying it before foundation and makeup helps it stay and last all day long.

4. Annabelle - Smudge Paint ($10.95, 2g)

This is a full-size product. It's an Annabelle smudge paint. Annabelle is a Canadian cosmetic company that can usually be found at drugstores (like Shoppers Drugmart). This is a potted creamy gel shadow that can double as an eyeliner. The color I received is a gorgeous purple eggplant color. I am also a fan of the packaging. There is a built in brush which makes it easy to apply. 

5. RGB nail lacquer  - Deep ($18, 125ml)

I also received a full-size bottle of RGB nail lacquer. I've heard great things about this nail polish. It is chip resistant, ultra glossy, and 3Free. The color I received is called deep and it is a dark plum purple. It almost looks black. It reminds me a lot of one of my favourite OPI colors, Lincoln Park After Dark. 

It's a gorgeous color. I have a lot of polishes in this color family so I would've loved to have received a lighter, brighter shade. This is one of my favourite lacquer colours though, especially for the Fall/Winter season, so this polish will not go unused.

Overall, this was a great box. There is a good assortment of products and brands, and there were two full-size products!

If you bought a Glymm box this month, let me know what products you received!


P.S., Watch the video unboxing below :)..


  1. I like the colour of your Annabelle Smudge Pot! Very pretty purple! I got the muddy one! Have a look at my November box if you would like :)



  2. Looks like I got almost the exact same box, except I got the smudge paint in Muddy... which is prettier than it sounds, and the RGB polish in oxblood, which I absolutely love!

  3. Mine came with a blue Annabelle Smudge Pot and gunmetal polish. I like these two things, but others are slightly more disappointing. I'm excited for my Dec Topbox!