Christmas 2011 Wishlist

Clockwise: Clarisonic Mia, Subscription to Topbox, Loose Button or Glymm, Pandora Bracelet,
Kobo Vox, Tiffany necklace, New Balance 890 shoes

We are a month away from Christmas so I figured it was appropriate to do a wishlist. Just some things that I like, own, would like to own, or think would make a great gift.

1. Clarisonic Mia, Sephora, $120

I owned the original Clarisonic and it is amazing! It really helps clean and exfoliate your face to leave it smooth and feeling fresh. I would love to have the Mia because it's more portable (and less expensive) but does the same thing.

2. Subscription to Topbox, Loose Button, or Glymm, Price Varies

You all know I love my subscription boxes and I think they'd make a perfect gift! Loose Button and Glymm both offer gift packages. It's a great gift for your mom, your friends, your sister, your sister in-law, basically anyone remotely interested in beauty products.

It's a monthly box that comes directly to the door with great products

3. Pandora Bracelet, Pandora Store or other Authorized Jeweler, Price Varies

You all know I love Pandora (and if you're not familiar with it, click here to watch a little video on it). I also think it makes the perfect gift. You can customize the bracelet completely, from the bracelet style to the beads you choose.

Even charms are a perfect gift. I know I always love receiving charms for my bracelet. It's especially sweet if it's a charm that has a special meaning. I'm such a sucker for stuff like that.

4. Kobo Vox, Indigo/Chapters, $199

I love reading. I've read my fair share of books. My only pet peeve with reading is only being able to carry one or two books with you on the go. That's what makes e-readers so great. It allows you to be able to carry a library worth of books in your purse or bag. It's the perfect travel companion for all you readers out there!

I like the new Kobo Vox because it's a color display and it's touch screen. Perfect for reading magazines and novels!

5. Elsa Paretti Diamonds by the Yard necklace, Tiffany & Co, $345

I think it's fair to say that a little blue box is always a popular gift. There are so many lovely pieces from Tiffany that would suit anyone's style and would meet anyone's price range. The popular ones being the Return to Tiffany Heart bracelet, the bead bracelet, or any one of the hundreds of charms available.

This is currently one of my favourite pieces. I love simple necklaces like this. They're just so elegant and beautiful. Pieces like this you can wear for any occasion (formal or casual).

6. New Balance 890 Rainbow Runners, New Balance stores, $139.95

The colours on these runners are amazing! I'm a runner (though currently I've been more of a fair-weather runner) and I'm always looking for unique statement running shoes that are not only comfortable but eye-catching.

These are them, for sure.

New Balance is one of my favourite brands of atheletic footwear. They offer great support, especially if you're runner. They're lightweight and they really last.

On another note...

I'm not going to lie, I struggled hard to come up with this list. I had no idea what I wanted for Christmas. Unlike prior years, if someone asked me what I wanted, I knew exactly what I wanted (to the color, size, and quantity). This year there's nothing out there that I'm craving to have.

I think Project 10 Pan is working. Ever since I've put a hiatus on shopping, I haven't had that zealous monkey on my back to spend money. Strange.

What's on your wishlist?



  1. I have the Kobo Vox on my wish list as well this year. And I put a few books that I've been wanting for quite some time. An

  2. @Amanda Ohh which books? I love new reads! :)