Beauty Buy: Spa Resource Brushes

These Spa Resource brushes are giving my EcoTools brushes some competition.

I was in Wal-Mart the other day looking for a plastic storage unit when somehow I ended up in the cosmetic department. I was just browsing through some nail polishes when I saw these brushes. I heard some good and bad things about them but I decided to try it out for myself.

I got one face brush (contour) and two eye brushes (eye contour & crease blender).

I was really pleased with the quality: the hairs (which are supposedly all natural) are really soft, the handles feel great in the hand (almost like a paint brush), the ferrels are secure, and they don't shed (at least from my experience of washing them once).

I like that there's variety of brushes in this collection. Unlike EcoTools that just has a few face and eye brushes, Spa Resource has a lot of different brushes to help you create the perfect look. Plus they're so affordable. The eye brushes are under $5 and the face brushes are under $12. Craziness.

I'm really loving the contour brush for blush and bronzer, I think it's my new favorite. The crease blender brush is nice, too. Great for the hallows of the eye and for blending. I haven't tried the eye contour brush on the eyes but it works nicely to buff out concealer.

Have you tried a brush from Spa Resource? If so, which one and did you like it? :)

Contour Brush

Crease Blender Brush

Eye Contour Brush

EDIT: I just realized how similar these brushes are to the look of Bobbi Brown brushes. I didn't notice until I was putting them away.

On another note...

I got a new phone case! It's so cute. My mum actually bought it for me and I didn't ask where she got it from. It's Hello Kitty! I couldn't say no. My mum knows me too well.

It looks red, but it's a really dark pink. Uber cute. I love it. It's hard plastic, but unlike the TNA case, it doesn't have a rubberized coating over the plastic so there's no chance of peeling. Very happy :).

Hope you're all having a great day!



  1. The eye contour seems a bit funny, like a mini buffer brush ! Could you used it in a next tutorial for a demo ? Thanks

  2. Hey thanks for the idea! I really need affordable make up brushes :)

    I'm going to Wal Mart as soon as I can!

  3. @Cynthia it does seem funny! Like I said, I have yet to use it actually apply shadow but I will definitely do a little demo on it :).

  4. @Anne Lise they're definitely great value! I heard that the stippling brush sheds a lot. So beware of that. I haven't had any problems with the ones I got though :).

  5. I have the Pro series eye brushes, and I adore them!! They were my first every makeup brushes and they are the only ones I have yet to change!! :)

  6. @generationlove they're really great!! I was pleasantly surprised with their quality :). I love using them!

  7. I have the crease and smudger brush! I love them! They haven't shed or blended while I wash them (:

  8. I bought the Stippling brush- it is AMAZING. It's definitely given my MAC one a run for its money.