Beauty Buy: NARS Danmari Palette

I have been waiting for this palette to come to Canada for weeks and now it has!

While I'm supposed to be on Project 10 Pan, I couldn't pass up on this limited edition NARS cheek palette (which is exclusive to Sephora). I was ecstatic when my amazing boyfriend surprised me with this the other day (even though he doesn't understand the allure of this palette). So technically I didn't break Project 10 Pan, right?

Right ;).

This palette comes with six high-pigmented cheek products: hungry heart (highlighter), super orgasm, desire, casino (bronzer), orgasm, and sin.

Though I would've loved to have seen other colors (like Taj Mahal or lovejoy) in this palette, the colors that they did choose are gorgeous. If you're new to NARS, it's a great palette to have. Even if you have these colors in your collection, this palette is still great. It offers some great cult classics. Great for traveling. Plus the mirror in this palette is fabulous.

Each powder comes with 0.12 oz of product. For the blush, a full size contains 0.16 oz (so you get 3/4 of a full size!). For the bronzer and highlighter, you get a lot less product than the full size (considering a full-sized bronzer contains 0.28 oz of product -- you only get about 40% of the full size). Still, this palette will probably last a while because each blush/bronzer is so pigmented that you only need to use little at a time.

Onto the swatches. This is only one swipe of each product. Like I said, great pigmentation. From left to right: hungry heart, casino, orgasm, super orgasm, desire, and sin.

(Artificial light, with flash)

(Artificial light, no flash)

Will you be getting this palette? A lot of people have been waiting for this palette, so if you are interested, you should hurry to your nearest Sephora.

On another note..

I am still obsessed with Hello Panda biscuits. They're delicious and I still can't get enough. Though, my new favorite might be the double chocolate version.

Also, I've finally finished uploading all my old videos on my new channel. I'll be uploading a new video tomorrow (I think).

Ok, that's it for now.

Hope you're having a great Saturday!


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  1. I'm so sad I missed out on this palette, I hope NARS does another blush palette like this soon :)