Loose Button Luxe Box Haul - August

I was very excited about this month's Luxe Box. There were some great products and surprises! Read more to see what's inside!

As always, there was a card from Loose Button inside the box containing a little message and also all the products and descriptions.

The inside of the box smelled really good this month, too. I'm not sure if it was from the body lotion or the fragrance sample, but it smelled incredible.

One of the products in the box was a very generous sample of Proclaim's Cocoa & Shea Butter hand and body lotion (with aloe vera, to boot).

Trying this lotion on my hands, the first thing I noticed was the scent. It smelled just like any cocoa butter would smell like, i.e. delicious.

It was also very nice on the skin. It felt moisturizing and was easy to rub into my hands. It didn't feel sticky or make my hands feel greasy afterwards.

The downside is that this lotion contains Parabens. Now, I know I'm not the most cautious when purchasing products that contain Parabens. But I just want to let you know, in case you are on a Paraben boycott.

There was also a mini sample of the City Lips lip plumping lip treatment.

I have always been a little skeptical of such products and I have never really seen great results from others like it, but I do have to say that City Lips definitely made my lips feel plumper.

It was at the cost of having that strange tingling sensation on my lips for a few minutes though.

The PUR Minerals 4-in-1 pressed powder was definitely my favourite product in this month's luxe box (cheers to getting my shade right!).

It really did work great on my skin. It prevented shine, slightly evened out my complexion (much like the effects of a minimum coverage foundation), and slightly lightened my under eyes.

I would never forgo concealer all together while using this, but it is a very good powder.

I save the best for last. These Sheyna earrings were adorable!

A very nice touch!

They were classic dangling pearl earrings, with two other smaller dangling stones (which, in itself retailed for $16).

I enjoy their simplicity very much.

That is what greeted me in this month's Luxe box. I find that the products that I receive keep getting better and better. I am excited to see what awaits me next month!


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