August Glymm Box ♥

I really love getting mail. 

Especially when it comes in a pretty pink box and bears an assortment of beauty products.

Read more to see what's inside...

I love the lovely little note Glymm includes!

On the other side of the postcard is a list of all the products inside the box and their descriptions. I rarely read this when I first open the box. I like the element of surprise.

I think this mini tube of Benefit "That Gal" wins for cutest packaging in this month's Glymm box.

It is an exactly replica of the art on the full size bottle, which I already own. That is the one downside of subscribing to a service like this if you're a heavy make-up collector.

There will be times where you may already own some of the samples you're given. But if you love it then the more product the better! :)

"That Gal" is supposed to be a brightening face primer. Now, I have never used this for the actual purpose it's made for (a primer) but I love to use it as a highlighter! It's a very nice sheer pink colour that I love.

I have never owned a SmashBox lipgloss before (aside from their O-Gloss) so I was quite pleased to see a tube of it in my box.

The name is Illume and it is a very nice sheer pinkish nude colour which I found very flattering with my skin tone.

I also liked the consistency of their formula and I will definitely be purchasing more of them.

I originally thought I has never heard of the company B. Kamins before but after reviewing my skincare collection, I realized that I actually owned one of B. Kamins' sunscreens.

Nonetheless, I have never heard of their vegetable cleanser before so naturally I googled and makeupalley-d it. Apparently it is one of B. Kamins' top sellers!

I'm always wary to try new cleansers because I am always a little worried of breaking out or getting a rash. But this cleanser gave me neither. I have only used it once so I have yet to make up my mind about it.. but not having any weird side effects is definitely a plus.

Lastly, there was a Doctor T's Supergoop sunscreen swipe. I have yet to try this but I absolutely love the idea of sunscreen wipes!

In my mind, they are perfect! They are easy to carry around with you (much easier than lugging around a bottle or spray of sunscreen), they are easy to apply (just like you would a wash cloth), and it doubles as a cleaning wipe (i.e. it applies sunscreen while it wipes the sweat or sand off you!).

Glymm must know of my weakness of sweets because they always included this cute jar of Jelly Belly jelly beans! This month were orange flavoured.

Can't wait to see what's coming next month!


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