First Ever Glymm Beauty Box

I love my Glymm Box!!
As you all know, I am an avid fan of Luxe Box (from the Canadian company Loose Button). So when someone told me about Glymm, I wasn’t really that impressed. I thought it was just another service like Luxe box and Birchbox -- pay $10 a month and get 3-5 deluxe beauty samples. Since I was already happy with the service from Loose Button, I didn’t jump at the opportunity to get my hands on a Glymm Box.

Before Glymm launched publicly, their website was very bare. All it had was a little box where you could enter your email to sign up for an invite to their service. I signed up anyway... you know, just in case.
I got an email a few days later inviting me to sign up with their $5 Exclusive V.I.G. (Very Important Girl) Glymm Box. I’m not sure if it was the mention of exclusivity.. or the fact that it was 50% off but I signed up immediately.
It was a long wait for my Glymm Box to arrive (I signed up for it in the beginning of June) but it was definitely worth it.
My Glymm box arrived in a cute pink and white box and I could feel my excitement growing.
I opened the package and my eyes were met with this shiny pink box with the word Glymm printed on the top. 

Taking off the lid, there was a pretty bow and a note, much like you would find in a Luxe Box or the Birchbox. On one side of the postcard was a nice little welcome note and on the other side was a list of all the products inside the box.

The products inside the box were varied and it was great to see that the samples were from companies that I have heard of!

Inside the box were five great products:


There was a mini bottle of glittery turquoise nail polish from OPI (right). Although there was no name on the bottle, I recognized it from OPI's Texas collection as Austin-tatious Turquiose. As you can see the bottle is significantly smaller than the full size version, however, you still get enough polish for several uses!

There was also a sample size of one of my favorite sunscreens: La Roche-Posay. Sunscreen is so important in your everyday skincare routine, especially in the summer, so I was really excited to see this. It was a 15ml bottle and a perfect size to just throw in your purse!

I was particularly excited for the next product, which was a sample of Gucci's latest fragrance, Flora.

Now, when you think fragrance samples, you usually think of two things: those little plastic spray bottles that you can get from fragrance counters that last for 4-5 spritzes, or the scratch & sniff samples you get from fashion magazines.

That's not what I mean when I say fragrance sample. I am talking about an actual mini bottled version of Gucci's perfume. Everything from the packaging to the quality of the bottle is great! Although there is no atomizer on the mini bottle, it's still very easy to dispense.

The fragrance itself is quite nice, it's a pretty floral scent. It reminded me of Marc Jacob's Daisy (which is one of my favorites) but with a bit of a twist.

The next product was a Stila lip glaze in Raspberry. It's a beautiful pink color and it smells delicious! It looks exactly like the full size version, only slightly smaller.

I really liked this because when I got a sample size of a Stila lip glaze in my very first Luxe box, it was in this really small tube and it had a doefoot applicator instead of the brush that Stila uses.

The sample from Glymm is more aesthetically appealing and the brush applicator is a dream to use!

The last product in the box was a face mask from My Face Works (called I need a Detox). This is the only product that I had never tried before and I was excited to get it.

I love face masks, they are so soothing and really cleanse your face. The mask boast to make your face smoother and make your complexion more radiant, who doesn't want that? I am excited to try it! From what I read, it has natural anti-oxidants and does not contain parabens and other harmful ingredients.

Lastly, I love candy so I was really excited to get a small jar of Jelly Belly jelly beans! I didn't realize they were jelly beans initially, I thought they were colorful rocks or confetti or something, but when I popped the lid off, I was hit with the smell of cotton candy. I thought this was a nice touch! Glad it wasn't chocolate because in this heat wave I am currently in, it probably would've just made a mess.

Overall, I was really impressed with the products and brands in my Glymm Box! I am really excited for my next box!

I have been getting a lot of questions about the differences between the Luxe Box and the Glymm box; if it was worth buying both or just getting one? I haven't quite decided yet which one I like better. It's difficult because every month is different.

I will be making a post comparing the two for those of you who are wondering which one to get. The only difference between the Glymm box and the Luxe box is the price. Glymm box is a little cheaper since it is only $10 whereas Luxe box is $12. Other than that, they both offer the same service and I haven't received enough Glymm boxes to know if the quality of their samples are definitively better than Luxe box.

But I would definitely recommend Glymm. They have a great product selection and I really enjoyed the products that I have received.

If you're interested, click here to order your Glymm box!



  1. oh wow those product sizes are actually pretty large compared to what is usually considered sample size. hmmm I'll give this a thought! thanks for sharing :) xx

  2. @Naghmeh especially the Stila sample! I was really impressed at the quality of the samples! :)

  3. Great Review Aleeza! Thanks for the LOVE!

    Just to help elaborate on the differences that Glymm offers:
    - We offer more than a beauty box to our members. At Glymm, we strive to build a community of beauty lovers.
    - We only recommend products that we love and which we have tried alongside beauty experts.
    - We simplify our members’ beauty purchases, as they can buy their cosmetics on our Beauty Boutique and get member-exclusive prices and promotions. (PS They also earn Glymm Points when they do this)
    - We form a true link with our members thanks to our blog/expert advice: it is a real platform for finding beauty tips and tricks, product reviews, exclusive behind the brands, beauty events, style advice, and how-to videos to help members understand how to use the beauty products for better results.
    - We provide a fun and interactive forum where beauty lovers can come to share their beauty experiences with the rest of the Glymm community.
    We are only $10/per month and offer an amazing loyalty rewards program for our members to use for future purchases. Recurring payments alleviate the headache of having to sign up each month, we offer fruitful contests and even let you invite your friends so that you can share the love!

    Hope this helps. XOXO
    Glymm Girl

  4. This is awesome!! I didn't like my first luxe box that much so I didn't order it again.. but I think I'm definitely gonna try this out!! Thanks for the heads up! Are you gonna be doing a video on it?? Would love it if you did :)

  5. YAY! I love finding Canadian bloggers!
    Those are some pretty good samples!
    Drop by my blog :) I'd love to hear from you!