Review: New Louis Vuitton Wallet

I recently purchased the new Louis Vuitton Emilie wallet. It wasn't premeditated but when I spotted it during a trip to Holt Renfrew, I had to have it. It's limited edition and will probably be gone by the summer time, at least that's what the sales associate told me. There are two styles in this new collection: Emilie and Josephine.

Louis Vuitton gives their classic monogram design a bold look by adding vibrant colour. That's what caught my eye: the bright red. I chose the Emilie because I liked its style the best. Emilie is very similar to the Sarah wallet (but with a splash of colour and with less card slots). The Josephine is a trifold and I have never really been a fan of those. It's still a gorgeous wallet though and the removable coin pocket makes it really versatile.

This collection is one of Louis Vuitton's more affordable wallets. I know, I know...what has the world come to when a $400 wallet is considered "more affordable?" Well, my philosophy is that spending a lot on something that a) you know is good quality and will last a long time, and b) is classic and will never go out of style, is worth it.


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