Monday, May 03, 2010

Treasure Hunt Find - Stila at Winners

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The other day while I was shopping, I decided to stop by my local Winners store. Now, I don't normally shop at Winners. Don't get me wrong, I think they're a fabulous retailer, but I just never have the patience to go through all the racks. Especially my Winners, since there's a floor just for accessories, shoes and purses, and another floor just for clothes. I find I always get overwhelmed shopping there. My friends always seem to find amazing deals, so I decided to try my luck.

I didn't end up buy any clothes or accessories but I did come across these Stila Lipgloss Trios. I was amazed! Firstly because they even had Stila. I have never been able to buy Stila products outside my local Sephora store. Secondly because you received three Silk Shimmer Glosses for $9.99.

These Lip Envy trios are from a few seasons ago and they don't have any names. Currently, Stila only has one colour available for sale in their Silk Shimmer gloss lineup (it's called Kitten and it retails for $22). It's such a shame because I love these Shimmer glosses...they smell amazing (like sweet treats), the pigmentations are great, they aren't sticky, they have good staying power and they're only $10!

So, if you're in Canada and near a Winners, definitely check them out!


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