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Saturday, February 02, 2013

In light of Superbowl weekend & in a completely beauty unrelated manner, I wanted to share some of my favourite commercials with you. With no affiliation or undue affection for any of the particular brands / products that may be featured -- I'm sharing purely for the amusement I receive when watching these.

1) Ana & David
I don't know what it is about this commercial, but I loved it the first moment I heard the dubbed "Lucas."

2) Bear Does Laundry
This is a made for YouTube commercial, because at two minutes, it's something that I would not waste my time with on TV (but have no qualms wasting time with via YouTube). I find it's absurdity endearing.

3) The Force
I'm biased to anything Star Wars related.

4) The Man Cold (aka the "Aleeza" cold)
This commercial makes me laugh every time!

What commercials do you actually enjoy watching? x

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  1. LOL i'm excited for the superbowl because of the commercials and halftime.. these were really funny to watch! one of my favorites is a ritz cracker commercial (:

    1. Is it the one where the little boy makes a cracker trail for his crush? Haha because I love that one! :) x

  2. Hey I m not sure if you know this but when Canadians watch the Superbowl we get the Canadian feed so we don't get all of the American commercials even if you're watching it on a American channel - my prof told us that this week, it has something to do with broadcasting laws

    1. Yes! It's true! I always just catch the videos on YouTube the next day. The US always gets the best commercials! :) x

  3. I can't resist the little girl in this milk commercial. She is so cute and natural.
    Link on You Tube:

    And I agree that the Star Wars one is also very cute.


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